Top Guidelines For 2017 On Important Issues In Stores Online

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But this is hardly a solution for Irish retailers, who will then be plunged into dealing with tariffs and custom checks that will impose new costs and time delays into supply chains that are irrevocably inter-linked. For example, some 70 per cent of the books sold in Irish shops come in from the UK, says Kelly. “Personally, I don’t feel there will be duties on them, but who knows? But we have always been very closely connected with the UK trade. The softer the Brexit, the better it will be for everybody.” Many Irish retailers also use the UK as a land-bridge for products imported from France and Germany , as well as for Irish goods exported to mainland Europe. “Will that be an option post-Brexit? Perhaps not,” says Burke. “And there will have to be some sort of customs checks, despite the promise of seamless borders.” The likely result will be a slower supply chain and cost increases that will be passed on from suppliers to retailers and ultimately to consumers. Prices will rise. Meanwhile, as they wait, retailers will not be minded to invest in the modernisation of their supply chains. How can they, when the whole chain may be subject to a historic restructuring?

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