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She spent a total of 1,116 at a Shelter store, grabbing mountains of items, and shelled out more than 500 at a Children's Air Ambulance store. As surprised workers workers sought to find out her identity, she claimed to one that she was a Brazilian businesswoman and told another that she owned a honey farm in Guyana. Sharon De-Freitas, manager of the Air Ambulance shop, told the Standard: Before ขายส่งกระเป๋าแฟชั่น สําเพ็ง she came in I thought business had been very slow, I was worried we weren't going to meet our targets. She came in with two huge suitcases. She started piling items at the counter. View photos Shelter in Crouch End was one of two shops that the woman spent thousands of pounds in (Google) More It kept mounting up, she went to all the different departments, cleared me out of all my mens clothes and bought most of our ladies stock. She was in the store for at least half an hour. Ms De-Freitas, who has worked at the shop for four years, said the woman was buying the items for workers at her honey farm in Guyana. She added: As it kept going I started to have a little chat with her why she was buying so many items. She said she had a honey farm in Guyana, 1,000 acres and 5,000 people employed. I have had one customer come in and spend 100 but nothing like this has ever happened. Before she paid she said she had to go to the bank to make a transfer, I didnt think shed come back but she did. Meanwhile, as the same woman spent over a thousand pounds at a Shelter store, she claimed that she was a Brazilian businesswoman buying items for her mother.

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The four-day battle of Vimy Ridge , near the city of Arras, saw huge losses for Canadian forces, as well as UK deaths. Accompanied by Prince Charles, William and Harry will lay a pair of boots as part of a tribute to those who died. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the "power of Allied force" is as relevant today as in 1917. He is also attending the event and will be joining world leaders including France's President Francois Hollande and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Preserved trenches at Vimy Ridge memorial park in France William, Harry and the Prince of Wales will walk in the trenches of the former battlefield before taking part in the memorial. The younger princes, who have both served in the armed forces, will be among กระเป๋าเป้แฟชั่น พร้อมส่ง facebook the first to leave a pair of boots, as Canadian and French young people place them at the site to remember those who lost their lives. Vimy Ridge was an engagement during the Battle Of Arras itself, which lasted from 9 April to 16 May 1917 and claimed 18,000 Scottish lives - the highest concentration of Scots involved in any WW1 campaign. The ridge, which is about 108 miles (175 km) north of Paris, was captured by Germany early in the war and transformed into a strong defensive position. The attack on 9 April sparked four days of intense fighting, until Canadian and British forces retook the heights overlooking the Douai Plain, which was still occupied by the enemy.

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