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At the vast majority of stores, the plus-size sections are hidden away in the back corner of the store, or relegated to online-only offerings. Her site and her showroom brought together the best plus-size designers in the business with their ideal customers. Back in 2014, Cheshire told Racked that some of the brands biggest hurdles included convincing plus-size shoppers to invest in good, quality clothing: Our customer hasn't been conditioned to enjoy fashion in the same way as her straight-size sisters, she said at the time. It's always been, I'm gonna lose 20 pounds, so they'll hold off on shopping. One of the most unexpected challenges is getting women to change their attitudes towards themselves. Hey Gorgeous struggled with some of its customers, witnessing loyal shoppers alongside those who would drop off the map after one purchase, especially those who wore smaller sizes (presumably because they went to shop at non-plus brands). The company also saw an extremely high return rate, with vanity sizing to blame; customers often ordered dresses in several sizes to feel the styles out and it was often at Hey Gorgeouss expense, as the brand was covering shipping both ways. Hey Gorgeous also struggled to build brand awareness; it didnt exactly have the budget to advertise boldly and noisily the way other plus-size brands do (remember those subway ads from Lane Bryant?), and so even though Cheshire กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH was essentially a poster child for Hey Gorgeous, since she was well-known in the space for her blog, the company failed to reach big-league exposure. The business model didnt help this glitch, either; customers who took to Hey Gorgeouss clothing became loyal to the brands it sold, but not necessarily the company as a retailer. Last June, Hey Gorgeous debuted its own T-shirt line, but the move proved to be too little too late, given the startups finance troubles. But even while admitting that there were many errors that fell on her and her team, Cheshire now concedes that hacking Silicon Valley was her biggest challenge. You are dealing with people who dont understand the space, she says. I actually had someone ask me, Are you different than Saks or Bloomingdales? Because they dont even know that Bloomingdales hardly sells any plus-size! McCulloch agrees the business world has different standards for the plus-size industry.

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