Guidance On Rudimentary Programs In Handbags

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She also likes the blogs The Fashion Sight for its timeless outfits and How Do You Wear That for its simple yet mainstream style. Favorite brands and places to shop: Zara, ASOS, H&M, Nordstrom, and Pipe and Row in Fremont. Rainy day essential: A chic and classic raincoat. Some of her favorites are from Pipe and Row . Blog: Fashion philosophy: Dont be afraid of taking a risk and try to enjoy the struggle when you have to face it, Yokoyama said. Personal style: A fusion of American and Japanese culture. I want to be the bridge of Japan and America, Yokoyama said. I want to bring awareness to Japanese brands and show American people these Japanese brands. Inspirations: Japanese magazines (SWEET and ViVi), fashion week, WhoWhatWear , American magazines (Elle, Marie Claire) and her favorite blogs The Vivaluxury , Dulceida , The Fashion Cuisine and The Style Scrapbook . On the street, I see really cool people and get very inspired by them, Yokoyama said. Favorite brands and places to shop: H&M, ASOS, Moussy. Rainy day essentials: A cute umbrella the brighter the better, warm gloves and a hat.

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