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Dry and itchy skinare common issues. But if seasonal shiftsor a new soap or moisturizercan't explain your sudden skin changes, you'll want to tell your doctor if your skin suddenly seemsdryer, itchier, thicker, or scaly, says Lauralee Yalden, MD, a New Jersey-based family medicine physician. "The thickening of the skin can signify high blood pressure or kidney problems," Yalden explains. "Dry, itchy skin could becaused by an underactive thyroid, a nutritional deficiency, or even anautoimmune disorder." Your breath smells fruity. "Withdiabetes or prediabetes, people sometimes give off this weird, almost fruity odor," Danoff says. Heand other expertsattribute the smell to your body's efforts to burn off the excess sugar in your blood stream. "You'd notice the smell, and so would people around you," Danoff adds. MORE: 10 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally You suddenly have trouble calculating tips. If math is an old foe of yours, a little confusion while figuring out the tip isn't a big deal. But if you've always been good with numbers, problems calculating a tip or managing your finances could be an early warning sign ofAlzheimer'sor dementia, Danoff says. "If it happens once or twice, don't worry too much about it," he says. "But if you keep staring at your bill and you can't figure out what 20 pecent is, ขาย ครีมหน้าขาว that may be something to pay attention to." MORE: This Diet Change Could Save You From Alzheimer's You struggle with stairs.

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When youre in that position, you need to be asymmetrically concerned about downside risk as upside risk. CalPERS has reduced volatile stocks and private equity from its portfolio. It made more than $9.2 billion in net equity sales in September and October, according to fund documents. In December, the board reduced the discount rate to reflect the new portfolio allocation. The new expectations still did not reflect investment advisers short-term forecasts. Wilshire estimated only a 17 percent probability that CalPERS would earn its new 7 percent discount rate over the next decade. At the time, CalPERS board member J.J. Jelincic proposed reducing expectations further to align the discount rate more closely with advisers forecasts. 6.25 is the reality, Jelincic said at a December meeting. But the board worried that the costs of such a move would require even higher contributions from California governments and workers. Cities are already warning of the impending strain. Scotts Valley, a small city outside of Santa Cruz, expects its annual pension costs to jump by nearly 75 percent over three years under CalPERS new discount rate.