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Conservative opponents have raised the heat, accusing the Socialist president of mismanaging a problem they say is ultimately a British one. Hollande reminded Britain two weeks ago that it had a role to play in managing the flow of migrants. He said that were France to stop preventing the migrants from leaving French soil, Britain would find itself obliged to deal with them when they landed on its shores. Vincent Berton, a senior official in the Calais town hall, described the camp closure as a "humanitarian operation", and said that more than 6,000 Jungle migrants had been moved to reception centers in the past 12 months. An average of three bus-loads were leaving each week, he said. Yet Hollande's plans are meeting stiff local resistance in some towns where the 160 reception centers have been set up. Last week shots were fired at two planned migrant centers, one in the western seaside resort town of Saint Brevin and the other in Saint-Hilaire-du-Rosier in southeastern France, a conservative stronghold. In the southern village of Allex, the mayor sought to hold a local referendum on whether to accept its quota of 50 migrants before regional officials blocked the vote in court. Such resistance highlights the balancing act the government faces upholding humanitarian obligations and pleasing voters as Europe searches for a coherent response to the migration crisis. "I want to stay in France, if France wants me," said Rawaz Rawchy, 33, an Iraqi Kurd, as he boarded the bus.