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Whittier Police Department officer Keith Boyer, is shown in this handout photo in Whittier, California, U.S., released February 20, 2017.  Courtesy Whittier Police Department/Handout via REUTERS | Tue Feb 21, 2017 | 12:28am EST California police officer fatally shot while investigating car accident A California police officer responding to a traffic accident in the Los Angeles area was fatally shot on Monday by a gang member who was involved in the collision, a law enforcement spokesman said. A second officer with the Whittier Police Department and the suspect, a Hispanic man in his 20s, were wounded in the exchange of gunfire, said Lieutenant John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The fallen officer, Keith Boyer, was 53 and survived by two adult sons, California Governor Jerry Brown said in a statement expressing condolences. The officers had responded to a traffic accident in Whittier when they determined that one of the cars was registered as stolen. When they approached it, the suspect opened fire, Corina told a news conference. Were still trying to determine why he shot. Obviously, he was in a stolen car. He is a gang member. Were trying to determine if anything else sparked that, he said. Both officers and the suspect were taken to a hospital, where Boyer died, Corina said.

The police let you by, once you prove youre there for a legit reason (journalism!), and you walk OK, lets be honest, you sprint down the block, despite your best inclinations to appear calm and cool and collected. Well, given the weather, the cool part is at least true. The door opens. You step inside. And if theres a heaven dedicated to Kylie Jenner, mistress of lip kits, doyenne of self-creation, mogul of makeup, this is it. Every shade you could want, from Kristen to Koko K, is prettily aligned on shelves. Theres a glass table toward the rear stocked with her sold-out Valentines collection Head Over Heels, Kylies Diary, Smooch. Imagine the Hermes snakeskin Birkin, one of the most coveted bags on the planet, and heres the makeup version. Music blares.

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