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you cannot use astrology to excuse being a rancid garbage person.......... but if you lemme do your birthchart I can tell you at least 12 ways you can improve, starting with that aries moon

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The tarot card for the zodiac sign Scorpio is The Death card, and this signals change of circumstances, a twist of fate, and perhaps that may also mean when someone pulls back for whatever reason you may feel slightly rejected which can hurt. However, one way to look at rejection is to see it as a form of divine protection. When someone rejects you because they have to do something else or the timing for what you want or need isn't right, you may find yourself in a new situation of opportunity. RELATED:  Why 2018 Could Be Your Most Powerful Year Yet, According To Numerology Michael Jordan was rejected by the first basketball team he ever tried out for and it made him work harder. It transformed his approach to playing basketball and the rest is history. The founder of Walmart was rejected multiple times in different states as he tried out his concept for Walmart, and it wasn't until many years later that he became successful. Look at his legacy today. Within the meaning of the Death tarot card, we find a rebirth taking place. When you are able to release the past, you are free to create a new future.

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