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"We've had so many donations of winter เสื้อทีม clothes that our racks and storage space are overflowing," said Center director Kathy Haas. "So we decided to share the bounty with families in southwest Nebraska and northwest Kansas." The Center has a clothing exchange program called Fair Exchange, where people can bring outgrown clothing and trade it for clothing in the sizes that their children need. The program includes clothing sizes newborn through high school. Donated clothing is sorted. Only items that are very clean and in very good condition are put on the racks. Fair Exchange is available to any family, regardless of income or where they live. The program provides a way for families to recycle their children's outgrown clothing. It is also a thrifty way to obtain clothes that their children need. Fair Exchange also includes shoes, bedding, baby food, diapers, and items such as strollers, walkers, and high chairs. These items will not be included in the clothing giveaway.

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Genetic hearing disorders affect some 125 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization "Outer hair cells amplify sound, allowing inner hair cells to send a stronger signal to the brain," explained Gwenaelle Geleoc, a researcher at the F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center at Boston Children's Hospital. The technique bestowed hearing and balance "to a level that's never been achieved before," she said in a statement. "Now you can whisper, and the mice can hear you." In the second study, a team led by Geleoc used the same viral courier to treat mice with a mutated gene responsible for Usher syndrome, a rare childhood genetic disease that causes deafness, loss of balance, and in some cases blindness. The virus carried a normal version of the same gene to damaged ear hair cells soon after the mice were born. - Narrow time window - The results far exceeded anything to date: 19 of 25 treated mice heard sounds quieter than 80 decibels. Normal human conversation is about 70 decibels. A few of the mice could hear sounds as soft as 25 to 30 decibels -- roughly equivalent to whispering. According to Margaret Kenna, a specialist in genetic hearing loss at Boston Children's Hospital not involved in the studies, "cochlear implants are great, but your own hearing is better." Electronic implants work by bypassing damaged hair cells in the ear to send sound signals directly to the brain. "Anything that could stabilise or improve native hearing at an early age would give a huge boost to a child's ability to learn and use spoken language," she said. The need for early intervention, however, could be a problem in itself, other experts pointed out.

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